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Worse than "bad" report cards

oh dear heavens! would SOMEONE please help me because I'm going to lose it when my teenager comes home from school today! interim report cards came home the other day and I didn't have the fortitude to read it until this morning. My 15-year-old boy is, I can't even describe..... In his humanities courses he basically has no marks. Zero. not even anything to put down on the page. I am so disappointed, frustrated, mad, I have no idea where to even begin with this kid. he has told me on more than one occasion to leave him alone, let him do his work, he doesn't need micromanaging, you name it and he's given it to me. I have just removed and hidden all of his video games and controllers, because I figure he clearly doesn't have enough time to do it all. someone please talk me down because I might lose it tonight.

1 Comments | Posted by: MoBrand in: Raising Teenagers on November 22 2021.