Hey moms!!

Hey moms!!

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Hey moms!!

What are you interested in?!!!!


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    Quick, easy up-do’s that don’t make it look like I’m not trying

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    Fir the dark circles and fine lines!! Makeup primer is key!! Its gets your skin ready for makeup, it should help foundation not to settle in those pesky fine lines!! And for the dark circles, I use a lighter concealer under my eyes then put my foundation over!! Hope this helps!!! 😊

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    Hey @tranquilitybynicole I have oily skin too!! All the time lol!! Its important to use the right face wash and moisturizer for oily skin! And I also keep a trasluscent powder with me!! Then it doesnt wreck my makeup, but it takes the shine off!! Hope this helps!! 😊

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    What undereye concealer do you recommend for hiding darks circles AND fine lines?

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    Thanks Mel! I’ve never used makeup primer before so I’ll give it a try!