in Netflix Recommendations!


Grace & Frankie, The Ranch, The Let Down, Atypical, One Day at a Time, Back to Zero (about a couple experiencing stillbirth—trigger warning on that one), Life in Pieces, The Good Place ☺️


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    Also Good Girls!! And theres a new movie called Set it Up that’s also good!

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    If you have Crave I highly recommend The Affair!!

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    I just watched Champions and it is so good! (Mindy Kaling writes it and acts in it)

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    Is there a new Dynasty or is it the old one? I loved the old one!!

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    Champions is funny! And atypical is amazing also!! What are you into? What have you watched? Suits , prison break, scandal, hmmmm i too feel like i have binge watched it all... Right now im trying cable girls...

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    Weeds, Animal Kingdom, That 70’s Show, The Keepers, Orange Is The New Black, Ozark, How to Get Away With Murder