Figuring it out! Lol

Figuring it out! Lol

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Figuring it out! Lol

I am trying to figure our this one too, right now 1 kid and only 1 sport but we are already stuggling lol


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    If anyone finds out please let me know too....the dance & hockey seasons haven't even started yet & I'm getting overwhelmed... lol...

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    Years of 3 kids in hockey & some years were better than others! Colour coded calendars helped & prepping meals ahead of time. Eveybody had a job to do to help make it work. Ride sharing is good too. As a parent you want to make it to every game but sometimes you just can’t. Found my guys thought it was “more fun” to ride with a teammate or grandparents. Make time in car time to talk. Phones & games away. My boys laugh at sex ed talks i subjected them too when they hit the teen years. Lol but, it helped with open honest conversations. Make travel time catch up time. Always have a bag or plastic containers with snacks. My guys had to keep snack box stocked & it helped cut costs by not buying junk at the arena. Hope that helps😊