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Same problem

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Same problem

My daughter was the same way! It would be such a huge fight every night and I swear I tried everything. I bribed her with stickers, etc and i even made the grandparents try to brush her teeth! It was such a nightmare but she did slowly grow out of it. Shes 2.5 now and I had to buy her 2 toothbrushes. She brushes her teeth at the same time im brushing her teeth. Some nights I am able to brush them better than other nights but i figure she will lose these baby teeth eventually anyways.


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    We have three kids and learned the hard way with our eldest (now 12)... he ended up having tons of cavities his first visit to the dentist 😳!!! Since then, we have always used a spin brush (we have the rechargeable with the different heads) and this helps. Plus there is an app you can get called Disney Magic Timer and it helps the kids brush for two minutes.

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    Thank you so much for respoding