You’re a GREAT MOM!!

You’re a GREAT MOM!!

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You’re a GREAT MOM!!

Wow are you ever amazing, Mama- you are worried about screen time and so many other moms aren’t!
Honestly, my last 2 kids LOVED those videos and they were a lifesaver for me! My kids would stay glued to the tv while i made school lunches for the older 2 kids, showered and even made dinner. I’m sure Baby Einstein was on for more than 12 minutes a day at one point!
You’re doing great and I don’t think a little extra screen time is going to do any real harm to your babe!


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    Totally agree with you!

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    Youve got it right!! Balance is everthing. My personal opinion is that if allowing yourself a few moments where you can do you makes a difference ygen it is the best thing you can do for your child!