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About me

A little bit about me,
I am a single mom of a 6 year old boy. I have lived in Lindsay, Ontario for 3 years in May 2019.I have been through many ups & downs as everyone has and I'm glad i got out there and asked for help from friends & family.
I don't want to 'compare' my life to anyone because i feel one's persons life is just as good or bad as the next person.
Everyone has a story, everyone has lived through this and that.
What matters is that we know we are strong and confident women who will always love our children and ourselves no matter what.
You are not alone in this world. Mom's need to stick together and help eachother out.

Help us understand that our children go through phases & stages in life. Remember we were a child at one point. The terrible twos will pass. The sassy 6 year old will too. And so on and so forth.
We need to show them and tell them we love them. Praise & encourage them when they do good with our kind words. (More often than you thinking)
Explain to them when they did something wrong why it was wrong and disclipline them (in an appropriate manner of course. Every age is different)

We can get into that another time.
So that's a little about me. I love to chat and express myself through words. :-D
If you want to say hi, i am new to this App, website.
And especially if there is other mom's out there with little boys older, younger or same age, I would love to share ideas and make sure these little boys grow up to be great men someday.


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    So sad. Can't imagine what that poor mom is going through 😢

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    Hi! I have a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old boy. I also live in Lindsay with my husband. I am new to this app!

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    YAY to strong and confident women!!💪

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    can I just say I balled my eyes out reading what happened near Lindsay 😭 💔 I have a 3 month old boy ❤️