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my son had an allergic reaction and we don’t know what to yet. with a national epipen shortage they can only give everyone 1. ball of nerves waiting for referral & hoping doesn’t need pen because we live in the country & their effects don’t last long. any advice appreciated


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    After talking to more than 1 pharmacist, it turns out Auvi-Q was only allowed on the market for brief period of time in 2018 due to the unavailability of the epipen. Pfizer has a monopoly in Canada & does not want our government to allow competition. nobody seems to care about the life or death situation people are being put in. I know people who have expired pens only😔

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    Just chatted with a paediatric nurse friend and she said that Auvi-Q is an alternative to the epi-pen, so chat with your doctor about it!

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    That sounds scary- especially the part where you don’t know what he’s allergic to☹️ It seems like the epi- pen shortage has lasted a looong time?

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    thank you so much❤️❤️

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    That’s insane. Big pharma strikes again😔 I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this!