Sleep Training- please no judgement!

Sleep Training- please no judgement!

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Sleep Training- please no judgement!

So, we've been bed sharing since my baby come came home. He recently turned 4 months and started the 4 months regression. He went from sleeping all night to waking up every hour to breastfeed- my nipples feel like they're going to fall off.
I want move him into his own bed because I miss being able to sleep! The problem is- He won’t sleep without me. Every single nap he nurses to sleep or is being worn, if I put him down he wakes up instantly! The only time he’s really fallen asleep not attached to me is in the car.

Any suggestions for sleep training is welcome!


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    I don't know any official advice, but my person al experience has been to not let him realize I'm not there anymore. and it's taken much trail and error but I have it down pretty good now, sometimes I leave my sweater under his head until I know he's for sure asleep in the bassinet, or I leave my arm / hand under his head until he settles in his new position in the bassinet and is asleep again. doesn't help the falling asleep with you part but it might help the sleeping alone part 😜 there are some great books out there apperently !

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    I love the sweater idea! I’ve heard about that working for other babies as well.