in Childbirth


8cm dilated.⁠

Transition. ⁠

One of the toughest parts of labour, and when you may wanna give up.⁠

I know I asked for a c-section at this point during both of my unmedicated births.⁠

Thankfully, it's usually the shortest stage of labour to get from 7-10 centimetres because it is INTENSE. But it's a good intense because every contraction is getting you closer to your baby. ⁠

When you're in transition:⁠

🌹You need a lot of reassurance to keep going. ⁠

🌹You need to let your body tell you how to move to deal with this stage. ⁠

🌹You need safety and silence to ride the waves of your contractions. ⁠

🌹You may even need someone to look you straight in the eyes and breathe through the surges with you.⁠

A lot of untrained birth partners find transition hard to watch because they believe the birthing person is suffering. But this pain is different from regular pain.⁠

This pain has a distinct purpose in normal birth and it means that something is going right, not wrong.⁠

What have you heard about labour pain? Comment below and let's have a conversation about it!👇⁠